ReMediZ organises and implements:

Innovations in healthcare

ReMediZ is an independent and private enterprise that conceives and develops innovative ideas and subsequently integrates them in the healthcare landscape, together with the parties involved.

Conceiving and developing innovations is one thing. Implementing and integrating them in the healthcare landscape is another.

Every phase during a change requires specific and sometimes mutually exclusive skills. The strength and added value of ReMediZ lies in the process up to and including development. From implementation onward, ReMediZ organizes the change and directs the realization of the goals.

For the implementation of this operation, it makes as much possible use of parties already working in the healthcare landscape.

- The team

Together we combine
creativity, developmental strength and spirit of enterprise

We are idealists and follow our common dream, but subscribe to “charity is not scalable”.

Our background:

  • Ed Feskens: ICT Technology and Architecture
  • Jan Deckers: Engineering and production
  • Hans van Rooij: Logistics, project and programme management

To be successful, we and our extensive network constantly engage with parties within the healthcare landscape as they will ultimately make the difference.