Medicines no longer leave the pharmacy in the manufacturer's outer packaging,

but in ReMediZ's Meds Safe

By issuing medicines in the Meds Safe, they stay ‘inside the pharmacy’ until taken out by the patient. The Meds Safe is an ‘extension of the pharmacy,’ so to speak.

The Extended Pharmacy

The Extended Pharmacy rests on 3 pillars. These are dispensing medicines in the Meds Safe, ensuring that the quality of the medicines is maintained and return of the Meds Safe after use.


Dispense medicines packaged differently

The patient no longer receives a course of medication in the manufacturer’s outer packaging, but packed in the Meds Safe. At the touch of a button on the Meds Safe, the patient receives a singly packaged unit of medicine.


Maintaining quality after dispensing

In the Meds Safe, medicines are stored under prescribed conditions.


Collection of unused medicines

Upon finishing or stopping a treatment, patients return the Meds Safe to the pharmacy. ReMediZ collects the Meds Safe from the pharmacy and checks that the quality of the unremoved medicines has been maintained.

- Dispensing medicines packaged differently

Dispensing medicines in single units

Dispensing in single units is the process of dividing medicines from the manufacturer’s strip down to the level of single units (RSP).
This procedure retains the original packaging. In this way the manufacturer’s warranties are unaffected and no revalidation of shelf life is required.
This procedure results in uniquely RSP coded units that are traceable to the original manufacturer’s packaging and information.

Packing in single units is necessary so that only those medicines that the patient wishes to take, ‘leave the pharmacy’.

- Maintaining quality after dispensing

Conditioning and record keeping

After placing the singly packed medicines in the Meds Safe, it is closed and sealed.

Inside the Meds Safe, medicines are kept within prescribed temperature ranges. Logging makes is possible to show that the medicines were stored under correctly maintained conditions.

Apart from logging the storage conditions, the withdrawal behavior is also recorded. This makes it possible to derive information concerning the level of adherence to treatment. By linking these records to the prescribed intake moments, the Meds Safe can also be used to actively support adherence to treatment.

- Return of remaining medicines

Redispensing medicines

Medicines which have not been taken out by the patient and which have demonstrably been well conserved in the Meds Safe ‘have not left the pharmacy’.

As mentioned, these medicines are permanently traceable to the original manufacturer’s packaging and information.
Taking into account, among other things, the expiration date, these medicines can be reinserted into the Meds Safe and reissued to another patient.

- The Extended Pharmacy

The process in outline

Issue medicines packaged differently:

1. Issue single units

2. Dispense in the Meds Safe

Maintain quality after dispensing:

3. Conditioning and recording.

Returning the Meds Safe and unused Medicines.

4. Return to pharmacy

5. Reading, emptying and reporting

6. Storage of unused medicines