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Extended Pharmacy

Through the Extended Pharmacy, ReMediZ offers the chance to reintegrate unused medications into the healthcare system. The concept behind it is on-demand dispensing, providing only the medications the patient requires at the current moment.

The Extended Pharmacy
complements the dispensing process

The Extended Pharmacy complements the dispensing process of the (outpatient) pharmacy. This complement includes using the Meds Safe, enabling sustainable dispensing and responsible medication return.

Initially, the Extended Pharmacy is deployed for expensive and wastage-sensitive medication.

ReMediZ Meds Safe

Meds Safe

The Meds Safe is a medication vault where individualised medications are stored optimally and at the correct temperature. Every withdrawal from the vault is recorded, allowing medication adherence to be closely monitored. This gives healthcare providers insight into explaining possible reasons for the lack of expected health improvements.

The medications are considered officially 'dispensed' from the pharmacy only when they are actually taken out of the Meds Safe. Medications that have yet to be taken out are considered to have 'not been dispensed' by the pharmacy, and upon their return to the pharmacy, they can be dispensed again.

How does the Meds Safe work?

The patient now receives medication individually packaged in the Meds Safe rather than in the original packaging from the manufacturer. 'Individually packaged' refers to the medications being separated from the manufacturer's strip down to the unit level (ReMediZ single packs, RSPs) while preserving the original blister packaging.

This ensures that the manufacturer's warranties remain valid, and there is no need to revalidate the medication's shelf life. With the push of a button on the Meds Safe, the patient receives only the quantity of medication needed at that moment.

Sustainable innovations in healthcare

Preservation of quality after dispensing

After placing the individually packaged medications in the Meds Safe, it is closed and sealed. The Meds Safe ensures that the medications remain at the prescribed temperature. The Meds Safe logs these storage conditions so that it can be validated afterwards whether the medications have been properly stored.

Additionally, the 'medication usage behaviour' of the patient is tracked. This means that the Meds Safe can also be utilised to support medication adherence.

Return of surplus medication

After use, the patient returns the Meds Safe to the pharmacy (the pharmacy arranges for the Meds Safe to be picked up if necessary). The pharmacist checks whether any medications not taken out have been properly stored and whether they can be reissued, taking into account factors such as the expiration date.

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